What is HP3…

A community Public-Private Partnership that coordinates a holistic process designed to achieve the singular goal – every public school student achieves a true living wage job.

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What HP3 does…

Augments the great work of the public schools and social organizations and performs certain tasks not currently executed in the community.

  • Brief students and parents on career fields, how to identify a student’s talents and interests, and how to develop a career plan that leads to a living wage job. This process begins in 6th grade in middle school and is reinforced in 9th grade in high school.
  • Provide mentors as needed to individuals from middle age school thru post-high school early adult age.
  • Provide students structured exposure to career fields through career tours, apprenticeships, and presentations.
  • Assist with transportation - eliminate transportation as the obstacle to achieving a true living wage job.
  • Conduct an annual Partnership assessment , adjust the effort, and identify other collective community actions required to achieve the singular goal.